How Women Can Make Church a Safe Place for Men

An interesting piece in Charisma and certain to garner diverse reactions and perhaps frank, honest dialogue. Let me know your thoughts.
“How women can make church a safe place for men” by Dannah Gresh


The article starts by stating categorically that when women dress provocatively they dishonor God and display a lack of regard for His holiness. In addition, become a distraction for our brothers in Christ.

Don’t leave yet, read on…please.

The author continued…”I’d been traveling all weekend, and my flight from California to the East Coast got in at midnight. All I wanted to do was go home, drop my suitcases and hit the sack. But the story my husband had waiting for me made me drop my jaw and want to hit—well, not the sack! “She was just visiting our church service this morning,” he began haltingly. He didn’t notice her at first, he said. But then came “greeting time.” Bob, I’d like you to meet John’s cousin,” a friend said as he introduced her.

That’s when my husband’s mind began to whirl. He’d heard about her. She was the one with the perfect—well, let’s just say she qualified to be a fitting model for Victoria’s Secret.”

Ok HOLD ON! The questions on my my mind are many, especially these three: 

  1. Is it fair for only the women to take on this burden?
  2. Aren’t men also responsible here? 
  3. What does making the church safer mean? 

Ok, here are some scary statistics: According to Christian psychologist, Mark Laaser about 30 percent of Christian pastors and leaders struggle with pornography.

  • Think about that for a moment, 1/3 of leaders suffer from pornography!!!
  • And consider this as well, “Among Christian men in general, more than 60 percent are estimated to struggle with continual sexual compulsions of some type.”  The scary truth is that these figures are even conservative.

Ok, go on and read this article and let me know what you think. CLICK HERE :