Is Divorce ever OK?

Ok I’ll be honest here…most of the questions I have been fielding lately have been about #Divorce.

May I ask you to please pray for those struggling with such life decisions today and perhaps recommend them for sound biblical counseling.

Here are some of the questions-
Is it right to ask for a divorce?
Is it appropriate for a Christian?
When is it ever right? If at all.
On What grounds?
And perhaps the most challenging, can a divorcee remarry?

These aren’t casual conversations, they require deep reflections, and understanding of context and circumstantial information to name a few.

I do want to commend everyone asking these questions, they are very important and appropriate because the best time to prevent divorce is before marriage.

I acknowledge the huge chasm that still exist today especially along our different theological persuasions yet I think Lee Gardy’s write up provides balance and hope for those stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Personally, I was raised in an Evangelical/Protestant church and taught that divorce is never an option to consider. Yet, I have also heard of numerous evil some have perpetuated in marriages and I know now to treat each issue differently.

Lee’s charge to us to tamper judgement with mercy is spot on as many of us in our haste to defend God’s honor obfuscate God’s mercy.

Hear this…
"In some conservative churches, leaders teach that divorce is never acceptable and that a person who chooses to divorce—even if they have been abused—is in sin if they leave the marriage. These hardliners will typically declare, "God hates divorce," quoting Malachi 2:16, and then suggest that even the innocent party in a divorce will be judged by God. That’s an unfair use of Scripture. God’s MERCY is bigger than that!"

"God certainly hates the pain, shame and family disintegration that accompanies divorce, but He also offers healing, restoration and freedom to people who have endured a marriage breakup. As we work to protect marriages and encourage strong families, let’s also leave room in our hearts—and in our theology—for people who simply cannot stay in irreparable relationships."

As a leader, I wrestle with when divorce might be the necessary action especially when confronted with bad, downright negative and evil stories of some relationships.

I really do understand Lee’s position here: "I don’t enjoy recommending divorce to anybody. God instituted marriage, so it’s sacred. It’s a holy bond that we should protect. Jesus Himself said, "What therefore God has joined together, let no man separate" (Matt. 19:6, NASB). Yet in the same passage He mentioned immorality (v. 9) as an allowable reason for divorce. In a fallen world full of sin and unfaithfulness, divorce is not always avoidable."

Sad truth!
Uncomfortable reality? Perhaps.

Without a doubt this is a must read article, here are the 4 reasons why divorce might be recommended.

1: Unrepentant adultery.
2: Domestic abuse.
3: Emotional cruelty or control.
4: Spiritual incompatibility.

Read the entire article here: