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“It is absolutely OK not to have Sex” – Phin Lyman


It's Ok to Say No.
The Value of Virginity

Abstinence sounds like an impossibility today, but I dare say you’ve got to think again because it’s possible. Here’s a teenager taking a stand to be different. Below are some excerpts from his article-

  1. “Once you have sex with someone, you’re connected to them emotionally and physically,”Phin​ wrote.
  2. “If you tear that bond the rip leaves open scars where the glue once was. That’s why ‘casual sex’ never works in the long term – it just doesn’t.”

​On his parents’ efforts – ​

  1. “My parents always talked to me about the value of waiting,” he says.
  2. Many parents, in his view, are too keen to ignore what’s happening once their kids start having sex. “They just don’t want to know. Say a guy brings a girl over to the house … they just look the other way. It’s easier.”

​On ​Sex Education

  1. Sex education has also hindered rather than helped, in Phin’s view.
  2. “I don’t know whether it’s being done properly at all. I learned how to put a condom on a dildo when I was 13, but really it should be much more about what you’re taking on emotionally, what sex is going to mean. The problem with the way it’s taught in school is it’s all about the physical stuff, and I think that’s why young people think sex is just sex, whereas it really isn’t … the mechanical stuff has been overplayed, and that’s made people think it’s just about a physical thing.”

Encouraging news: ​Survey shows that 27% of young men aged 15 to 24 have never had any form of sexual contact; and that’s up from 2002 when the figure was 22%.” As he says in his article: “I guess I’m not the only crazy guy around after all.” ​​ ​Click below for the full stor​y…​its a great read.​



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