It’s All Coming Together – Kelechi Okeahialam (RDM Contributor)

It’s All Coming Together

I have always had hare-brained ideas… right from childhood. From raising a hen as a pet (her name was Chikabiddy short shanks), raising a pair of rabbits as pets, seeking for adventure in a semi forest (after reading "The Adventures of Souza") to eating soap because it smelled so good!

My precious mother was happily available to support (some, never most) of my ideas and always encouraged my inquisitive mind to explore. As I grew older, thankfully, I began to pursue more reasonably mad schemes like say… quilting!

Hmmm… let me tell the story.. Once upon a time, I woke up with the brilliant idea that i needed to collect every single piece of my Mum’s George wrappers to make into a quilt. So i went to my mum (mind you, i was in University then) and asked her for pieces of her wrappers for my quilt. Now, for many of you who are not Igbo, Igbo women (in my mum’s generation that is) always cut out a piece of a new wrapper because they must attach a rope to ends of the wrapper to make tying it smoother! I honestly never understood the rationale of that but that seemed to be what my mum and my friend’s mums did!

Anyway back to my story, so… I was in luck! Mum gleefully brought out all the colourful pieces of Georges past and present. What a real treasure! She was excited that i wanted to do something so significant.She told me that quilts always tell a story, of love, of a family, a history of generations. She shared the story behind each piece of George. "That’s the one your father bought for me last Christmas. That’s the one your sister Stella bought for me with her first salary. That’s the one your brother Jovita bought for me when he was getting married and so on". So many stories…so many memories.

I was determined to do this right, so i started… and she would occasionally check in on me over the months to see my progress.

Now I was terribly lazy because quilting is no mean piece of work; each piece has to be matched to another..and you have to painstakenly sew the pieces together. Considering that patience wasn’t one of my virtues then, I abandoned the project midway. My Mum, God bless her soul, collected my half done attempt and the pieces and kept it away. In her wisdom, she knew that one day I would come back for it..that day when i needed to touch my past and make sense of my life journey…and that I did..

Today I sit on my bed… much older, much wiser, with these beautiful pieces of cloth strewn across my bed. I’ve realised that I don’t have the expertise to make this quilt, so i decided to get a professional to create these pieces of cloth into a work of art.

Our lives are like those pieces of cloth… each piece tells a story, some tell a story of betrayal, pain and death.. Others tell a story of joy, laughter, love and friendship. When we make puny attempts to piece our lives together; make sense of our life’s journey, we often fail miserably. We get tired, discouraged and depressed. It never seems to make sense, as each piece of the story seems so disconnected. Tell me how this terrible tragedy can be transformed into a beautiful story… tell me how the divorce paints a beautiful picture on the tapestry of her life.. How could the multiple miscarriages, or the bareness splash colour on the dull grayness of her life…

That;s why we need to take the disjointed and disconnected pieces of our lives to God..He is the Master Weaver.. No one knows best how to weave the terrible tragedies of our lives together with the glorious moments and create a beautiful tapestry of testimonies. Only He knows how to take the cancer, the depression, the loneliness, the son on drugs and weave to create a story that would shout a loud message to the world. Only Christ knows how to weave our tears into diamond drops on the quilt of our lives; creating such a sparkling radiance that the world stands still to look with awe..

Quilting takes time.. and often we don’t get to see the full picture until the very end..Therefore, trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not unto your own understanding…..The Master Quilter is at work.. weaving through the tapestry of your is a beautiful project.. and He always finishes what He starts… He won’t get impatient, nor tired; neither will He take a break. He is always at work in your life.
Trust Him..He is the Expert at this… no one does it best like Him… trust Him..sooner or later… your story , sorry your quilt will be ready for display.

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