It’s Halftime, America!

It’s Halftime, America!
It’s time to get over the division, hatred, bitterness, differences and fear.

…words are powerful, words can heal, words can repair and words project us into a possible tomorrow.

We need words like this for the future…more hope, more it’s possible and less pessimism. The atmosphere must continue to be saturated with words of faith, hope and love.



  • Akin Eso

    You are veery correct Pastor Flo. I feel we give up too fast as humans and the positively focused we are of the future the better we will be. I always say that there are a to of people who were nobody’s 2 years ago and today they are somebody. Staying focused and positive is key.

  • Indeed we tend to give up too soon and just as you’ve stated we’ve got to stay focused and positive. I concur.