It’s time to talk. Recap from the Zimmerman Trial/Verdict.

What a weekend!
The past 72 hours…in my humble opinion is a clarion call for all to engage in conversations that will and must drive change.

So let’s state the obvious upfront, the justice system via the jury has spoken and we respect the process and know what is expected of the citizenry. Yet, the pain lingers…for the families of Trayvon Martin.

So what more can be done?
We must resume our role that goes beyond status quo, a role that demands we confront assumptions, fears, limitations, interpretations and ignorance. A role that seeks to highlight how our humanity / frailties remains limited and we need to be honest about that. In addition, we need to share how we can live above our limitations and allowing God’s will take preeminence in our lives.

We must –
pray, hope and boldly confront the social issues and stain in our land.

Let’s drop the ‘political correctness’ that limit our conversations. So we can have and start addressing, informing, correcting these ‘painful, tough’ issues of injustice, fairness, bias, assumptions head on.

As a parent, this tragedy reminds me and indeed all of us of the need to deal with these issues without fear or hypocrisy. How it appears or how it’s framed shouldn’t be the issue here but creating the movement that allows these conversations to be had which hopefully will lead to significant changes.

We must have these conversations and give the future generation the template to continue the ‘talk’, let’s remove the veils, address the misconceptions and correct the assumptions.

Its time to talk…it will take some time but in time it will lead to change. Let’s have some real #conversations.

#RIP Trayvon Martin

This is a personal commentary on what more can be done.Thanks for reading and May God bless you all.