[Just for fun] Ideas for April Fool’s Day

Tomorrow’s April 1st aka “April Fools’ Day”, a day filled with pranks and jokes that began in the Middle Ages. Below are some ideas for practical jokes and ideas:

1. Cream Cheese Deodorant

This will only work with people who use deodorant sticks. Push the deodorant down, then cover the top with cream cheese. If the hoax works, the victim will wreak of cheese all day.

2. Mayonnaise Cupcakes

“Oh, how nice! You made me cupcakes!” This is what the victim of the April Fools’ joke will say, except instead of icing, use mayonnaise. It’s an especially cruel joke for those who loathe mayo. Most people won’t be able to tell it isn’t vanilla icing until it’s too late.

3. Toilet Bowl Tricks

Bathroom humor is still funny for most people. There’s the classic plastic wrap trick, but covering the bowl will cause a mess. Instead, put bubble wrap on the bottom of the toilet seat for some aural embarrassment.

4. Soap Or Nope

Paint a bar of soap with clear nail polish so it won’t lather.

5. Inked For Life?

This one is good if your significant other is a heavy sleeper with short hair. Place a temporary tattoo on the back of the neck.

6. Toothpaste in Oreos

7. Put tape on bottom of the optical mouse

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