Kindly advice! Straight from the heart…Sexual sins (Reblog)

Straight from the heart…By Myss Lafunky’s (Blogger)
PS: A true story.

My thoughts:
Shall we look away we don’t see it, it doesn’t happen right?
Just for the record there is power, resurrection power available in Christ to live victoriously as a single male or female. I know there are many, perhaps too many challenges faced daily, indeed the sexual innuendoes and temptations in our societies are real, often times overwhelming but that’s not the end of the story.

There is power in Grace, actually living by GRACE is the key.
This Grace isn’t the usual prayer at a meal or after service…
This Grace is a person…revealed and personified in Jesus Christ.
Righteous living, Victorious living is possible! Do not be discouraged.

Now, this story will hit some of you below the belt, so let me warn you to get off your ‘high’ horse before you read the story below.

“Kindly advice! Straight from the heart…Sexual sins

Hello readers, kindly advice one of my readers. She will be extremely grateful for your comments. Note: Esther is pseudonym, in order to protect the person’s identity. My name is Esther, I’m 27, and I work as a Biotechnologist. I’m a choir leader and a Sunday school teacher at my local (Christian) church.

My fiancé and I attend the same church. He is also a Sunday school teacher and he is part of the instrumentalists. I am grounded in the Word of God, likewise my boo is grounded in the Word. My parents are Pastors; they taught me the Word of God since I was a child. I am so grounded in the Word, to the extent that, I can quote any scriptures at any given time.

Since I started my relationship with my boo, 3 years ago, I have done things that I shouldn’t do. I continue to engage in oral sex with my boo. From kissing, caressing, sexual intercourse, amongst others. We have done everything you can imagine. Sometimes, we even have sex before Sunday service, yet, we both minister every Sunday.

We are both respected in church, and people come to us for advice. We both want to stop engaging in sexual sins but we just can’t. Whenever we engage in sexual activities, we are quick to apologise to each other and to God. We are aware that, it is a sin against God and a sin against our body, but we can’t seem to stop having sex. We even promised each other that, we won’t visit each other any more but I’ve noticed that, I always lure my boo to visit me, I always make him feel bad if he doesn’t visit me.

I want to stop engaging in sexual sins, I need help, I can’t tell my Pastor or my counsellors as I feel that, my parents will find out, and they will be extremely disappointed. They are extremely proud of me, I’m their golden daughter, academically I have done well, in my career I have achieved a lot. They see me as a good role model to my siblings. Whenever I visit my siblings, my conversations always revolve around the importance of staying pure sexually, yet I struggle with it. Please help me! I want to stop sinning. My boo also wants to stop. He is actually not interesting in pre-marital sex but he engages in whatever I want, as he hates to see me upset. I’m usually upset when I don’t get my way.

You may be thinking why am I not married, my boo is still studying, we can’t marry until he obtains a job, with a good salary.
Myss Lafunky resides in the UK, she loves to blog and hang out with my friends in her spare time. She’s also very passionate about social media and cooking.

  • rhonda

    The Bible says it’s better to just get married rather than burn with passion. The ONLY solution is to either break up until you are both ready for marriage (according to your reasons for waiting) or to simply get married now and stop sinning which is the most important thing. God bless you both