Last Words by Dolapo GoodGod (True Story)

One’s last words are always revealing and provide a critical and honest assessment of one’s life and the most important issues therein.

Our dear friend, Dolapo who died a few weeks ago and was finally laid to rest yesterday in Ireland decided to share her’ last words on the day she was returned to mother earth. I woke up this morning and saw this link in my inbox from Dolapo’s FB account. I immediately assumed her account had been compromised but decided to click and what I read ….well let’s just say summed up neatly by the author herself. They were Dolapo’s thoughts on many of the challenges she faced and as she provided a better glimpse for those with many unanswered questions.

As you read this, you will fight tears…it is a sad story but Dolapo’s willingness to share her story is a classic example of her love and really an example of turning one’s mess into a message. Her story tells of her journey, betrayal, pain, sadness yet it provides hope and peace as she shares her journey of applying her faith to real life issues. Sometimes our best stories are written when we are done here on earth, I believe Dolapo’s story is still being written…and I say a big thank you for everything. We were members of the same team in CLF, served and worked together in the ‘special’ Visitation Committee with Sis. Lawunmi (late)…well you two can continue what was started many years ago. We are still here…running our race. We will see you all when we are done…but for now…we run. Go ahead rest in the bosom of our Lord forever.

Dolapo’s final words are posted here:

May the family, friends, children find the grace and fortitude to bear this loss, Amen.
Flo & Lande


  • Tope

    I must say one hard truth here 2 me, something is more wrong with this woman than her husband. GOD said love others as you love urself. Invariably love urself first, and then u can love others. U can’t love someone who has refused 2 be loved. She did not love herself and was trying so hard 2 love someone. U don’t have right 2 keep loving someone who does not want ur love. He had killed u long ago before now and u accepted it. Cancer especially 2 a Christian is not an impossible case, but then it requires ur faith 2 get it off. and under this condition u definitely cannot release a positive faith 4 ur healing rather u’ll release a negative onee. 2 be candid u’ll have 2 answer so many questions before God ur maker. cos i believe God wanted more 4 and from u on planet earth here, but u signed up 2 death 2 early. This woman is now late but this is 2 so many others on earth here who have chosen 2 sign up 2 such cruelty against themselves and also their maker. God is not an authur of confusion she should have divorced this man long ago if she made a mistake 2 marry him in the first place, if not on paper at least in her heart. Really i can’t imagine how our female folks manage 2 continually love someone who will not return a dime of their love 4 him. And this is very common among the females and their so many out their their who have become living corpse on this same ground. All of the character she described of this man simply shows she saw an open pith and jumped into it. It’s Such a pitiable story. But one Good thing i guess is that she had an ample time 2 make it right with her maker b4 departing from the earth. RIP. Is she an OAU product looks like a familiar face.

  • The above statement by Tope is so true of relationships in Europe especially. Of a truth, I had read somewhere where she said her mother disapproved of her courtship and marriage to this man. I guess the problem with most Christian sisters/ mothers/ daughters is that they do not believe in divorce and would rather stick glued in a relationship- good or bad and face the dilemma of pain, sadness and disharmony in marriage. it seems she had gone through a lot over the years but still remained even as she said her 1st daughter had once pronounced to her that she would never ever want to get married. This tale is so sad, so wrong, so compelling and is so common in today’s world. Cancer from studies and research is said to actually happen in 95% of people who have gone through trauma, pain, sadness, unforgiveness/ unhappiness, depression and disasters during their mid 20’s to 50’s. Relationship that is not a 2 way thing should be terminated immediately whether there are children or not as I know in Europe, at least the government look after the women especially one with children. Dolapo had no need to remain in such a love less marriage, she had a long time to flee even if she vouch not to remarry as I believe she had 4 kids so why stay and let cancer win the battle over her. The good lord would definitely call her to question. Then she had pastors, friends and others in her midst so why after such support did she remain in such a distasteful marriage. Only God knows the truth as I do not want to judge the husband as the story was only told towards her last days on this earth. May her soul rest in peace, her children find solace in their lives, her husband plead for forgiveness if story factual and her families- parents, brothers and sisters find solace in knowing she left this world so young and a Christian. This is a story for us Christians- man/ woman to flee a bad marriage and live a peaceful life with God being the Alpha and Omega of our living. I rest my comments for now

  • Her story is a reminder and a lesson for all of us. May God have mercy on her soul and grant the family the grace to bear this loss.

  • femy

    It is easy for us to make comments on what she should have done or shouldn’t have done. we must not judge her. It is scary that her husband (a pastor) was cruel to her, so sad that even †ђξ church couldn’t resolve †ђξ issue, now after her death that the very church which ordained her husband as a pastor, would now see that he frustrated his wife to death. She has finished her race, R-I-P dear sister Dolapo GoodGod.

  • Sola

    It sad indeed! Truth is there are many more ladies out there going through the same thing right now. My advice is that you flee for your dear life whilst you still can so that you can live to tell your story, like me. Yes! I am also a victim of such but God saved me at the nick of time!. I am still alive to His glory and taking care of my children.
    Sisters, don’t let anyone deceive you! There is a time to stay and fight and there is a time to FLEE! A time to advance and a time to retreat! Do not listen to any yeye pastor who tries to convince you to endure unto death, then he will now come and conduct your funeral service. You have a duty to protect your life and those of your children, because in your absence the children will suffer the more.
    Some sisters will say that they do not want their children to live in a broken home. So what if the unhappy, traumatic dangerous and loveless home is broken! I will stop here for lack of time. A word they say is enough for the wise.
    God bless.

  • linda Coker

    May her soul rest in peace. And may d lord judge Jagha or whatever his name is. And may God forgive d pastor that will not say d truth even when he knew it.

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