Legendary Love

#Legendary Love is a glimpse into love that had to endure patiently and embracing the process with gratitude. I pray this encourages someone.

PS: do enjoy your summer, go outside, meet people, laugh and explore your world.

Legendary Love

It’s amazing how God stirs lessons in our hearts to meditate on and some we get to share. This is a classic example of both and let’s simply say indeed “out of the mouth of babes…”.

One of the many resources we use to encourage the faith of our kids is the VeggieTales collection of Bible stories. And recently as we watched “Little Joe”, my daughter asked me – “Why was Joseph the favourite of all the kids Jacob had?” And just before I answered, she said maybe because he was Rachel’s son. And then I went on to explain the story of Jacob and Rachel, and their love.

So special and rare was the love Jacob had for Rachel. Definitely, every woman would take great pleasure in being loved in such a way. Any man would stand out too if he took a cue from this ‘loverman’, who despite his short comings, handled love in an exemplary way. I took time to read their love story again and two main things stood out for me.

Jacob was willing to work 7 years to get the woman of his dreams. And when he was deceived and denied this reward, agreed to work an extra 7 years to keep her. 7 years is not a short time at all. In 7 years, one could complete a bachelor’s degree with a master’s programme and phd (in some cases)! In 7 years, a new intake could rise to mid management level in some organisations! In 7 years, a new born would be mature enough to read, write and do some things independently. And to think he did double time!
He valued her very dearly, that he decided to persevere. That he waited. Little wonder the first characteristic we are taught of love (centuries after) is patience. Patience is a virtue and a critical part of love, Jacob demonstrated this greatly in his love for Rachel.
Can we wait for love’s time? Can we wait for love to grow and mature? Can we give love time to be ready? Can we persevere when love is being challenged? Can we persevere while the one we love is being perfected?

I get an impression that Jacob did not get to enjoy the benefits of sex with Rachel till after the 1st set of 7 years. What then kept their love alive for this whole time? The message we hear around us today is that love cannot be sustained without sex. Infact, we find many being challenged to prove their love by going all the way.
But then, I can imagine some memorable times Jacob and Rachel would have had shared. For instance the many morning strolls they would have had together. Both of them, side by side, laying on the desert sand, starring into the night skies and sharing the innermost meditations and dreams of their hearts. I envision Jacob discussing strategies of shepherding to Rachel and the peculiarities of each sheep specie. I can imagine him taking out time to got to the well where they first met to help water the flock again and again. I even see pictures of many fun times with mutual friends and relatives as they discover more about each other.

And then I wonder, how do we keep our love alive – while we wait for the appropriate time, while we try to finish strong in the midst of so many distractions and life’s busy schedule?
Do we make communication a vital part? Do we lay our hearts bare and open? Do we engage in activities of common interests as often as we can? Do we spend enough appreciable time together? Do we keep dear in our hearts the memorable moments shared and the traits that attracted us?

As we all continue in the journey of love, may we take these two angles as challenges for us. Whether single or married…to learn patience and perseverance, to continue with the honorable at all times to keep love alive. Perhaps, generations down the line, our love will serve as a model to many.

©FolaFayo – A wife, mother and passionate disciple of Christ.