Let Your Words Be Good

Today, let your words be pleasant and gracious. Let your words be filled with possibilities, hope and victories.

Resist the urge to discourage.

Fight the desire to be pessimistic.

Be courageous with your words.

Go where you’ve never been with your words…

If you must:

Correct firmly.

Rebuke instantly.

Praise truthfully.

Advice gently.

Speak graciously.

Disagree wisely.


Do let your words heal, strengthen, encourage and uplift your hearers.

Do let your words empower the feeble.

Do let your words encourage the defeated.

Do let your words strengthen the weak.

Don’t forget…

Pleasant words are a honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the bones.” ~Proverbs 16:24

Go on, make this week your best yet!

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