LIE: Cheating can save a marriage? I disagree!

You can imagine my disgust when I read this article today that stated "Cheating can save your marriage by Dan Savage on HuffPost.

Shocking! These ‘modern’ ideas are ungodly and counter every Godly foundational core necessary for marital success such as faithfulness, honesty etc. This reminds me of the popular adage and It is so true that when the purpose of a thing is unknown, then abuse is imminent. Read or watch the article.

Someone tell Savage, strong marriages are built not on occasional infidelity -straying spouse(s) but strong, loyal, faithful and ‘staying’ spouses.

Here’s an excerpt: "Recounting a story from his book about a man who took a lover on the side when his wife’s libido disappeared, Savage told host Josh Zepps that there are times when cheating "is the right thing to do."

"Sometimes it can save a marriage," he said.

Ultimately, the wife’s libido came back, the man parted ways with his lover and their marriage endured. In that situation, Savage says the infidelity was the "lesser of two evils."

Read the rest of the story here:

Thank God it’s Friday! -RDM