“LOVE Inc”: February, 2013

Hello All: I am excited and looking forward to a LOVE themed, LOVE inspiring and engaging month of February.

Old, Young, Male or Female; Single, Married, Divorced or Unsure it doesn’t matter- We are going to have a ‘ball’.

If you are in the Chicagoland area, we are going to kick off the month with an ‘evening of a 1,000 stars" on February 2nd. An evening of celebration, appreciation, laughter, music, dance and food. Interested and haven’t confirmed your spot yet- hurry and email ASAP. You need a ticket to get in.

Not in Chicago? Don’t worry. Stay tuned its still early in the year and we are coming to a city near you.

#2. If you are in Chicago, join us downtown- 560 W. Van Buren at The Riverbank, 11am for a vibrant, funny, insightful and inspiring message on "Love". See attached flyer.

#3: I am excited about this one too- new guest columnists and writers/ feature columnists are joining the team on ‘’ starting this month. Oh boy!

You should expect new, exciting, challenging and relevant posts/articles every week (Tuesday and Thursdays).

#4: Monthly challenge:
Read along with me – a chapter/day.
In February: John 1 – 21; 1 John-3John

#5: Read & Meditate upon the daily relationship confession. Don’t have yours? Subscribe and get yours FREE.

# 6:Get ready for PUSH (on the 13th) – The International Day of Prayer for Relationships.

#7: Group chat and online interaction on the RDM Facebook Group Page.
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#8: NEW: Special Workshop for Singles – trusting God for Marriage in 2013. Sign up required, email

#9: Weekly Special Gifts and much more. Stay tuned.

#10: Finally, my books now easily available on Kindle. Click here:

You should be excited it’s going to an amazing month.

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Relationships Do Matter.

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