Love Unmatched – 143 Million Orphans

Friends, This is love unmatched, when we love others not for what we can get in return.

My dear friend, Jason (Executive Director of…in his own words said this – “I recently had the opportunity to  speak at First Christian Church in Champaign, IL Chosen for Life Adoption Conference . . . Their purpose and passion is to walk alongside God’s people and seek to fulfill God‘s mandate to care for the orphan.

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  • I am very interested in adopoting, and I think that my partner and I have a lot to offer as well.
    The problem we have had is that we met each other later on in life. We both wanted to have a family but we had to work out our own relationship before we could think about doing this. We got some advice on relationships and worked together to make our life together strong but we left it too late to have our own kids.
    Now we feel that we are ready to adopt and to enjoy a ful lfamily life at last. I guess everyone else has their own reasons for looking at adopting.