“March into MARCH”

Family & Friends,

Welcome to the month of MARCH. Spring is almost here…brace yourself and get ready for I hear the sound of an abundance of rain but while we look forward let’s ensure we enjoy the moment and maximize the day. So this month of March I hope and pray that –

  • You will MARCH victoriously into your battles.
  • You will MARCH triumphantly into your challenges.
  • You will MARCH courageously into your dilemmas.
  • You will MARCH powerfully into your destiny.
  • You will MARCH prayerfully into the unknown.
  • You will MARCH wisely into your day.
  • You will MARCH fearlessly into your future.

That’s right, MARCH into MARCH 2012 boldly, prayerfully and victoriously in your year of Power, Love & Sound Mind (P.L.S)God’s unending blessings, pF*