Married ? 10 Ways to Affair-Proof Your Relationship

Welcome to a new week. We are going to make it the best week yet!

We can’t neglect, ignore and/or avoid the obvious fact that the ‘job’ of nurturing and keeping our relationship, affair proof is (both) parties’ responsibility. Really? Yes, REALLY.

So buckle down and let’s get to ‘fun’ work.  Here are some of interesting, (some are well-known, time tested and proven) and valid insights on how to keep your relationship affair proof.

  1. Pray for each other.
  2. Talk to each other not talk down.
  3. Create (define) healthy boundaries (especially for friends, colleagues of the opposite sex).
  4. Share your innermost secrets and passions with each other.
  5. Keep your partner among your top three priorities
  6. Integrate love, sex and romance into the fabric of your daily lives as possible.
  7. Laugh together often.
  8. Don’t nag.
  9. Be best of friends and lovers.
  10. Be genuinely concerned about each other.

And 2 MORE

  1. Let the infatuation fade, but keep the passion alive.
  2. Make time for each other – Never let life, work, career, kids etc deny you of ‘time together’.

Do you have more, do share…(& thanks for sharing).
If you are single, this is a good litmus test on what’s ahead and some of these tips shouldn’t be a surprise to you.

Your mission has started, good luck!

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