Must Read- Difficult Ladies? A Friday Special

Thank God it’s Friday!
Dating Dilemma: Easy or Difficult Ladies?

Summer’s poignant question; why are some girls relatively ok (easy or not so difficult) and yet some are so difficult? Or perhaps we should define what this means?

Anyway, do refrain from ‘shooting’ the messenger…While I admit it is very possible ‘we’ (men) might be hasty with our generalizations or assumptions but this noise is best served by addressing it.

Here’s the latest conversation I had with a gentleman recently…

Guy:These girls are too difficult!
(In order words, dem too dey pose…)
If they like you, they pretend.
If they find you attractive, they deny it.
If they love you, they lie about it.

They make life so difficult.
They act confused, greedy and obnoxious.

We are the first ones they call when they need help.
We are the first responders when there is any conflict.
We are the ones who provide rationale, balance and ‘company’ to events, shows, movies etc.

Honestly, it’s too much!!!
They enjoy the attention, gifts etc
They enjoy our company…calling us ‘good friends’, ‘besties’ etc
They laugh at our jokes…even the ‘corny’ jokes.
Yet, they won’t accept our proposals.

Affect Effect:
Then we get tired and move on…
They blame us, castigate us, condemn us, insult us

but …

we were there all along and they denied or shoot down any ‘moves’ (insisting they don’t want to destroy our ‘great’ friendship).

What friendship?
We came for more than a friendship but now it’s drama and heart ache.

Our collective losses, but we (single guys) have moved on. Tell them…too much grandstanding (posing) is their loss, big time!!!

They must know when to ‘fold em’
They must know when to ‘fall’
They must know…or else…

So what next? Let’s talk are girls necessarily difficult? Have they mixed up being classy with being difficult?
Is it their fault?
Or our fault?

Relationships Do Matter,