My “Dollarama Thank you card” – Ibukunolu Ogunsina (RDM Contributor)

This is an encouragement to be generous as well as the need to be aware and ready to share and make a difference each day.
I am going to get my Thank you card, handy…You should consider the same.

Settle in, read on…be blessed.
Today’s a good day!

My “Dollarama Thank you card”

“Sitting at the Pearson Airport in Toronto, as I waited eagerly to board my flight to Houston, which had already been delayed for an hour, I noticed a man with a young girl whose age I pegged around five years. The little girl looked so full of life, as she played around with a soft pink ball. A few minutes later, she crept into her father’s lap. They began a conversation in a foreign accent, which made me curious. I asked them what language they were speaking, and I was told they were from Denmark. However, I wondered why a man would be traveling alone with his daughter. I proffered lots of reasons within me – including, maybe the girl wanted to visit her grandparents in the United States, maybe her mum was sick, or maybe the guy was a single parent.

Shortly after, we were ushered onto the plane and were welcomed on board by a light-skinned African– American woman. She was also full of life, had a happy-go-lucky mien, and made us feel at home with her jokes. She also told us that the plane would not leave Toronto until all electronic gadgets had been switched off and that could go on for hours. We all laughed, but trust my people…an African brother of mine was still using his phone, and had to be politely reminded to switch it off. Another hostess was actually called to prevail upon a British woman to switch off her cellphone, too.

As soon as we all settled down, and liquid refreshments had been served, my Danish ‘friend’ got up. I gauged that he either needed the bathroom, or wanted to bring back his daughter from the bathroom. As there was only a little space, he was asked to wait for a few minutes, so that some more space could be created for him. This request was met with words of anger from him, as he claimed in a voice loud enough for all to hear, that in England, they usually made spaces out of the tiny confinement on the plane for people to pass through. The gregarious hostess who was in the direct line of his fire, was embarrassed and shocked at his outburst. We were all concerned for her.

A few hours later, I was still wondering, what could I do to make this woman happy. This was a woman whose job description required her to risk her life on a daily basis, bringing smiles to the faces of different people flying on her airline, while she was at it. Anyone who travels by air quite regularly, is probably aware that some air hostesses can be rather curt, and sometimes outright rude. But this woman was really nice. It then occurred to me that I had my Dollarama ‘Thank You’ cards in my bag. I took one out and wrote a few words in it. As we were about to disembark, I handed it to her and her reaction actually made me do a double-take. Was she happy? She had tears in her eyes and she actually said no-one had ever appreciated her in that way before.

It made me feel good about myself to have made a difference. I considered that by the time that hostess got home, the joy of receiving the card from a stranger that appreciated her services, would probably take preeminence over the embarrassment caused by the Danish man, who had behaved in such an uncouth manner.

So, just before you book your next flight, think of the air hostesses whose main business, is to make us comfortable and happy. Then, pop a pack of ‘Thank You’ cards into your handbag. Who knows, you may need to hand in one….

Just love,

Ibukunolu Ogunsina, a fresh voice in Christian fiction, is a prolific writer based in Canada with her husband and children.
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