My husband is not my soul mate.

This is an interesting post that goes deep into some of the ‘fatal’ assumptions we have about marriage and relationships. This is definitely going to stir the pot for some and encourage others to reassess their hearts and intentions. As always remember Relationships Do Matter and God bless.

  • Bunmi Afolabi

    I agree with 90% of this. Where I differ is that I believe God had a best case scenario plan for us, but because of His infinite grace and mercy, is able to ensure we have a great life even if we end up not following the best case. There is a college I could go and learn but not be able to impact other people as much as another for whatever reason. There is a man I can marry and have to pray every day for grace to live with him and there is another that I could marry and we would together pray every day for grace to affect other people’s lifes’. I agree that there is no one soul mate.

  • @ Bunmi Afolabi: Agreeing that “there is no ONE single soul mate” is like agreeing that there could be several soul mates. The truth is, there is NO ONE SOUL MATE anywhere in life. All you need is the grace of God to find a good and reasonable, and godly individual, to live your life; a person who you will both bring out the best in each others, forsaking all others and holding to him or her. Free yourself off soul-tie mentality.