Open Forum!

Introducing…Open Forum:

An opportunity to chat & interact with people from different walks of life…some with similar interests and passion.
A forum for everyone passionate about their convictions, informed enough or with the aptitude to embrace truth and learn from others.

It is a departure from the norm.
It’s for those disgusted and bored with routine. Frustrated with falsehood or pretenses.
For those yearning to let their ‘true’ opinions be expressed, heard and appreciated.
It is about clarifying, asking, learning life’s lessons from the bible.

It’s time to ‘question’, explore and clarify deep rooted issues.
It’s time to talk about real issues, generational issues, cultural issues, social and spiritual issues.

I will act as your guide and coach as we broach these topics and on occasion I will provide resources, references and pointers to enhance your christian journey.
So what-ya-waiting-for ? Join us at the ‘Open Forum’ .

Every 2nd and 4th Sundays @ The Riverbank, Chicago