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[BlogPost] Own Your Life #Commentary

Eventually, we become what we believe.

Take Charge of Your LifeWithout a doubt, I believe that within each one of us are great possibilities, dreams and endless potentials wired divinely by God that are eventually revealed in time. These divine impulses, codes, imprints and possibilities are often ignored, silenced, and discarded as we grow up and face the challenging and often difficult ‘life experiences’ that build the barriers in our hearts and minds.

Transition: Doubts and unbelief.

Eventually, we go from believing all things are possible to accepting only those ‘few’ things that are possible. Gradually, we become a shell of our confident selves and become custodians of limitations due to our life experiences and stories. Trapped and no longer in tune with our destiny, we limit those God given dreams and opportunities within us with being ‘real’ and ‘practical’. We attribute creativity to a select few and literally shut down mentally, creatively and emotionally when new ideas, dreams or visions are discussed or mentioned. We become victims of limitations and the very popular “cold truth” but I refuse that prison term, I know there is a better life.

Our best days lie ahead of us, with our words we can frame our thoughts and those thoughts can guide our actions and eventually set (or reset) our destinies. Each day presents a great opportunity to focus on God’s dream for your life and not getting mad or angry. Regain and reclaim lost time…start with your words;

  • You are not a loser, looking for a lucky break
  • You are not a failure, looking for a good streak
  • You are not an accident or a disappointment
  • You are not hopeless and useless
  • Actually, anyone that calls you a loser is a loser
  • Anyone that calls you a failure is a failure

Man's Power to ThinkYou need to build up the right winning attitude and mindset with your words. Winning isn’t something we seek but something we are. Start each day confirming who you are and declaring who you were born to be. Don’t wait to react to the wrong name(s) when you can set yourself up right by confessing.

The difference between winners and losers sometimes is in their actions. Winners do what losers dream about. Own your life; It’s your noble assignment.

 Listed below are some of my daily declarations:

  • I was born for such a time as this…I belong here.
  • I am highly favored and a beacon of hope
  • I am more than a conqueror
  • I am a creative force
  • The lines have fallen for me in pleasant places
  • I have a great, amazing and divine inheritance
  • I am confident in my God-given abilities
  • I am an excellent masterpiece
  • I have a powerful and sound mind

Feel free to recite or use them for yourself and loved ones. Oh by the way, I am also giving out a work book filled with simple, practical but insightful truths to say over your life and your loved ones each day – it’s FREE so get yours today, Request for yours here