Parenting is tough, not impossible just tough. We are expected to know almost everything, be an example, maintain perspective, be there, nurture, develop and much more. When it comes to sexual matters, most cringe and hope it away.

Often times parents would rather just hope nothing bad happens and pray well that’s great but I want to advise parents to show their faith by their works. Well, good news here is a tool that I sincerely believe will help all parents, caregivers go on the offensive against pornography and other sexual temptations in our heavily sexual society.

Install this accountability software – Covenant Eyes on your respective devices to eliminate the maybes – know what’s going on right away amongst other features.

Pornography is a liar, a deceiver with a promise of fun that quickly turns into slavery. It’s toil on relationships and our society is undeniably painful.

Our vision here at “Relationships Do Matter” is to help people (young, old, married, single, divorced, college, graduates, teenagers, parents etc) develop, create, sustain healthy and wholesome relationships based on biblical principles, concepts as well as practical solutions and tips.

The facts are staggering, according to covenant eyes:

  1. More than 1 in 8 web searches today are for erotic content
  2. 67% of children admit to clearing their Internet history to hide their online activity
  3. 79% of accidental exposures to Internet porn among kids take place in the home
  4. 56% of divorce cases involve one party having an obsessive interest in online porn
  5. 29% of working adults accessed explicit websites on work computers

Pornography is BAD ?
It is not enough to assume pornography is bad, you should know what makes pornography really bad. A pair of psychologists from the universities of Indiana and Alabama identified several key ways that porn warps the mind, including how it:

  • decreases sexual satisfaction
  • lowers one’s view of women
  • desensitizes the viewer to sexual cruelty
  • Download the free e-book Your Brain on Porn to learn more.

Why is Internet porn so alluring?
Psychologist Al Cooper says three factors play a role:

  • It is accessible. There are literally millions of porn websites which can be accessed almost anywhere.
  • It is affordable. Most people who view pornography only view the free material.
  • It is anonymous. You can look at porn in the privacy of your home or office. No one has to know you are viewing it.

Like a three-legged stool, break one of the legs and the allure of pornography collapses.

Good News!!!
Stop Temptation Before It Starts with Covenant Eyes
When someone you trust receives a report of the websites you visit, it changes how you use the Internet.
Covenant Eyes Internet Accountability tracks every site you visit, rates each one for its content using six age-based ratings, (such as T for Teen or M for Mature) and delivers a regular report to the friend you choose.

Features: Customizable reports
The reports are easy to read, and your partner can customize the report to only show ratings he or she cares about. For instance, your friend may not care about sites rated Teen, and may only want Highly Mature sites reported.

Covenant Eyes also rates and reports web searches, such those done in Google, Bing, and other search engines.
Reports also show the titles of videos watched on YouTube, Vimeo, Bing, and other videos sites.

Mobile accountability
Install Covenant Eyes on all your computers, tablets, and smart phones. Covenant Eyes for Android monitors both Internet use and the apps that are used on phones and tablets. Covenant Eyes offers an Internet browser for iPhone®, iPad®, and iPod touch®. Best of all, these apps are free when you subscribe to Internet Accountability on your computer. Learn more about Accountability for mobile devices.

Panic button
When temptation is overwhelming, click the Panic button to turn off your computer’s Internet access and your friend will be e-mailed. When you feel stronger, call toll-free and Covenant Eyes will reinstate your Internet access.

Optional filtering
For $1.50 more, add Internet filtering to your personal computers for added protection.

Try it today for one month free!
Covenant Eyes Accountability starts at $8.99/month, but because of the partnership with Relationships Do Matter, the first 30 days are free when you sign up using the promocode loveinc.

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