Part 12 of ’12 Things my True Love said to me.’ – Sabine Adeyinka. (RDM Contributor)

My television highlight of 2013 was the exquisite ‘Downtown Abbey’. The thing that makes me want to lose myself in this world of old school proceedings is the idea of the ‘ladies maid’. Wow! My very own person waiting on me, serving my every need and sometimes just there to listen to me. The ladies’ maid finds herself upstairs with the big boys, at upmarket parties and often traveling the world with the Lady of the Manor. Well that’s what waiting is, isn’t it? Just being there and lapping up all the blessings that come in their presence.

However, Man has many rules for living and social acceptance, do this, do that! God has only one. ‘Come on to me all of you that are tired and burdened…let me give you rest.

The 12th thing my true love said to me is ‘Service before Honor’.

Service on God’s terms is rest. ‘Waiting on’ depicts being still and rested in the presence of another. Contrary to the worldly opinion of aggressively chasing your dreams, God is asking you to come and sit down at the highest place on earth – the feet of the king of all kings.

Service is to sit with your heart open and still, swelling with expectation and hope. Come sit with the one who created heaven and earth. The one who loves with no conditions. The one who is the lover of your soul. He who sees the end from the beginning. When Jesus was in the bottom of the boat and there was a storm, he rested. He served by faith and the winds and waves obeyed him. And God exalted him above all things that at the name of Jesus every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present you with a conundrum – to serve by resting.

Have a merry Christmas and a very restful 2014
– Sabine

Sabine Adeyinka is a wife, mother and an entrepreneur.
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