Part 3 of ’12 Things my True Love said to me.’ By Sabine Adeyinka. (Guest Contributor)

#3, of 12 things my True Love said to me.

The school assembly is heaving with boys and girls waiting for the school assembly to begin. I am one of the first in line as we line up according to our height. Assembly opens with the hymn ‘Day by Day from the popular SOP (Song of Praise hymnal) and we belt out from the bottom of our hearts:

Day by day

Dear Lord, of these three things I pray

To see thee more nearly, love thee more clearly; follow thee more dearly day by day

Obviously we are too keen to impress the headmistress to even think about what we are singing and the words are lost on us. Several years later, I know the correct words but bad habits die hard and

I am still trying to impress the ‘headmistress’ instead of living out the words.

The real words of the song are of course:

Day by day

Dear Lord, of these three things I pray

To see thee more clearly, love thee more dearly; follow thee more nearly day by day

The thing that stands out for me is, ‘Day by Day’. In the Lord’s Prayer we say, ‘Give us THIS DAY, our DAILY bread’…Additionally, God sent the Israelites, only a daily ration of Manna – they were not to hoard it for the future. There is an obvious theme here and I think it is this: it takes more faith to ask for a daily ration as opposed to the great big plans and goals. It means having to sit still and ask for just today’s blessing. If you read my two other articles, you will notice that I am big on ‘not looking for that big thing’ and settling down to the small things not huffing and puffing through life. Small things like sitting down at Jesus’ feet and listening.

We run from simplicity because it provides no drama to hide behind.

In programmes like Alcoholics Anonymous, their 12 steps approach is based on the ‘one day at a time’ theory that says you may not have control over the past and the future but you sure have a say in what happens in the next 24 hours.

This is the third thing my true love said to me:

Daily take up your cross and follow me. Carefully consider – having rested well the night before, having spent some time TODAY with me – how you want to spend today.

Yesterday is gone, Tomorrow is yet to come but I give you a present in Today.

The 12 Things my True Love said to me is a series published by Sabine Adeyinka who believes life should be lived in a wholesome balance. She is a UK based Christian woman, wife, mother, friend, writer, fusion cook-in-training, project manager and businesswoman. She is on a learning journey and has decided to share her true reflections from her true love. I hope you find inspiration, hope and much more as you read along.

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