Part 4 of ’12 Things my True Love said to me.’ By Sabine Adeyinka. (RDM Contributor)

A great ‘to do, must do’ this weekend. I strongly recommend this posture and attitude.
Soon enough, we will realize that godliness with contentment is great gain, please read.

Part 4 of ’12 Things my True Love said to me.

Here’s an interesting question – What’s worse than finding a worm in your apple?
Answer – Finding half a worm in your half-eaten apple.

This takes me back to my teenage years when I discovered there was something worse than having long skinny arms – it was having no bangles to wear on these arms. Sounds trivial but it was the 80s and silver bangles, at least twenty (20) on each arm, were in! My dad, however, wouldn’t budge. He didn’t like them so I wasn’t having them. I pouted round the house, huffing and puffing refusing even Saturday Fan-ice, big dip and Samco (no Nigerian child of the 80s could say no to those desserts).

One day, my dad called me and said to me, ‘You have attached too much meaning to those bangles so I am even more convinced now that you shouldn’t have them’ I couldn’t believe it! There was something in his eyes though, that made me know he was serious. So I gave up and just went to summer school with bare arms. I stopped looking at the other girls and wishing I had bangles, I stopped looking in the market stalls and I deliberately stopped talking about them altogether. After a while, I really didn’t need or want them. I didn’t give my dad the cold shoulder either. I just really was OK with not having them because I thought;

  • What’s worse than not having bangles on your skinny arms?
  • Not enjoying your life and still not having the bangles.

The fourth thing my true love said to me is this:
‘PRAISE ME – its your reasonable sacrifice.

Do it because it pleases me. Don’t wait until something great happens. Do it at the start of the day, do it all day and do it before you lay your head down at night. Sing to me. Tell me what I mean to you. Tell me what I have done. Praise the work of my hands. Thank me for salvation, for Jesus and for my precious Spirit in you. It is always right to praise me. Praise me when you are up and praise me when you are down.

It takes great faith to praise God when you don’t feel like it.
Your consistent sacrifice of praise delights God.

What’s worse than half a worm in your apple or bare skinny arms?
Living without Praise!

  • So “right here right now” for me, Yemisi, and so well written. I so remember those bangles! Luckily my dad wasn’t aware of their importance!

  • Sabine

    Thanks Ngozi. My dad had 3 girls so by now he was Mr smart guy!

  • Mandii

    Lol, nice one Sabine! Ps I only just got my bangles last year, have had to wait 20 years!

  • Sabine

    hahah thanks Mandii