Please don’t: 4 Intolerables

Some actions and activities have long lasting ramifications on the earth, they are intolerable and best avoided.

I admit these events ‘might’ provide short term gains, but overall their effects will be life altering and downright negative. Be warned!

My advice?
Avoid them!
Do not entertain them.
Warn and persuade others wisely.

These four things ‘unearth’ the earth, shaking the earth to its core foundations.

Number One – when incompetence is honored.
1: A slave who becomes a King or a janitor who becomes the boss.

Number Two – when money misses road!
2: A fool (an unintelligent, ridiculous person) who has all he wants to eat or gets rich.

Number Three- when water and oil is mixed!
3: A hateful woman who gets married or when a whore is voted “woman of the year".

Number Four – when evil is rewarded.
4: Finally, when a “girlfriend” replaces a faithful wife.

Source: Pro 30:21-23 GNB & MSG