Poem: ‘Just One More Time’ – IBK Ogunsina (RDM Columnist)

"Just one more time

The Lord Almighty is full of surprises

He acts Supremely

He is indeed God

As humans, we believe things should be tidy

We would like them to slot neatly in place

Follow our pre-determined sequences

After graduation, we expect to find jobs and

Parents start hinting about wedding dates

After the wedding, we are expected to have children

After hard work, we expect timely promotion at work

And why not?

That’s the way things are supposed to be, right?

No harm in being orderly

How dearly we wish for things to function as they should.

But what happens when it doesn’t?

What happens when all our hopes are dashed?

When we are pushed to that wall and all we see is different kinds of hardened bricks

Some plastered and some walls simply made of concrete

Then we exhaust all avenues

We pray like never before

We even swallow our pride and ask others’ assistance

And oftentimes meet with disappointments

That come with being let down

So, we get on our knees one more time

Just one more time of calling for divine intervention

When you don’t give up on God

That’s when He shows up for you

When He sees your unwavering faith in Him

That’s when He gets to show He is All and Mighty

He makes a way where there seems to be no single way

He suddenly opens a double door where there were solid bricks

He gives you that white-collar job you wanted so much

He hands you that baby by His own means

He brings your path that man or woman created specially for you

He promotes and elevates you even above your peers

Simply because you did not give up on HimSo as you call on Him today,

Simply get ready for His intervention in that situation

Don’t ever give up, just call on Him one more time.


– IBK Ogunsina

Ibukunolu Ogunsina is a Christian fiction writer

who resides
in Canada with her husband and children.
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