#Prophets Meditations (Day 1 & 2)

#Prophets: The book of 1 Samuel starts with a family, a devout family with a big need. God had a plan, a replacement plan for a prophet who wouldn’t do privately the needful. We were introduced to the genesis of the new child who would replace the old prophet. Eli shows us it is possible to be a successful public figure but flawed/a failure in one’s private life.
We must ensure our private life is consistent with our public life, this story ends sadly as judgement was eventually delivered and experienced by the entire family.

Eli’s sons acted out their corruption without fear or regard for God. They were myopic fools who paid dearly for their sins of corruption and falsehood. We must be honest and handle both public and private persona appropriately and effectively in wisdom.

He was a ‘Successful Priest but Flawed Parent’. And eventually his inability to lead at home led to his fall as a religious leader. 1 Samuel 2:12-17, 22-36. #prophets
Pray: Pray that your latter end will be better than the former and your inheritance will extend the works of your hand and not destroy the same in Jesus Name. Amen.


Tomorrow: July 3rd: 1 Sam 7 -9