RDM Question – Married, but just talking.

Greetings All,Welcome to Thursday’s Q&A.
This week, I have received pertinent questions from three ladies on the issue of date and married men. I am aware it could also go the other way. It’s definitely an issue. So let’s talk, feel free to share your thoughts and refrain from attacking personalities focus on the issue.

So here is the question I got from a single lady. This is quite common Pastor. Some of my friends date and have sexual relationships with married men.

We are just talking, just having conversations…(you know) not dating.

During our discussions, I perceived him to be kind and a gentle man with good godly background but someone who made a mistake in his choice of a life partner (excuses abound- some intentionally excluded) e.g. he married unawares of the pressures and demands as well as pity for the lady. In retrospect, realized he didn’t love her and still doesn’t fully understand love, marriage.

He is not interested in marriage now just seeking a woman that he can confide in, and who will understand him. We’ve been talking and I am beginning to ‘feel’ weird about our ‘talk’.

Help me, PFlo.

What do you think? Feel free to share with friends and let me know your thoughts as well. I will provide a response shortly as well.
Remember- Relationships Do Matter!
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