RDM Summer News 2013

Hope you had a wonderful weekend, it’s a new week and hope you are ready and expectant. It will be an amazing one as you press forward, hopeful and prayerful. Forward ever and back ward never!!!

WELCOME: I want to welcome the new members to the RDM Network across all the social media platforms and remain very encouraged by the endless possibilities ahead of us. I want to encourage you to actively participate and also invite others who would also benefit from RDM.

ENGAGE: Let’s build an active, dynamic, two-way communication portal. Do invite your friends, ask questions, engage in the discussions, share viewpoints (all opinions are important), also feel free to post highlights, breaking news, scriptural references and articles.

ADVERTISING & MARKETING Opportunities: Stay tuned for more marketing and advertising opportunities starting August, 2013.

CONFIRMED: August, 2013 – THE SINGLES WORKSHOP themed THE SINGLE LIFE starts in August, 2013 (Singles, sign up information will be published on Wednesday, July 24th.
You don’t want to miss this event if you are single. Prepare for FOUR (4) Special Sessions in August – online, uniquely tailored and relevant for today’s singles.

UPCOMING EVENTS: Relationship Matters with Pst Flo – Fall Schedule 2013 will be released shortly. US, UK & AFRICA

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Let me conclude with this encouraging word from Jeremiah 29:11 (paraphrased); The thoughts and plans that God has towards you are thoughts of good and not evil that has an expected end. That end/destination is certain, guaranteed, prepared and completed for you so don’t worry yourself sick. Be hopeful, prayerful and excited, it is an expected end.

Remember Relationships Do Matter,