Relationship Matters Podcast, Now Available. Subscribe Now

The "Relationship Matters" Podcast is now available as a phone app (Apple & Android) for easy use.

New episodes will be available starting September 2014 and you definitely don’t

Ok so here’s what you have to do –

Go to this mobile site: <a href="http://podcast"></a>

At the bottom of the screen (you) the user will be able to click the "Quick Launch" icon. Once you’ve done this it will add the podcast channel (Relationship Matters) to your phone’s home screen and appear as an App.

Open the app daily, as often as you want and listen to different episodes, insights, sermons, interviews and much more.

Just in case, if you have any difficulties downloading the app please email the Media Team here:

Happy Listening.

PS: Do spread the news to your friends and respective social networks.