“Relationship Matters” – Sundays @ 9.30PM CST!

Are you overwhelmed with the demands of a relationship ?
Are you perplexed by the expectations of a relationship ?
Do you sense it’s time to move to a higher level of relationship ?
What is love ? How do I make the right choice ?
When, what, how, where can love be found ?

If you have questions, be certain that there are answers readily available for you every week. "Relationship Matters", the Radio Ministry of the Riverbank on AM 1160 WYLL, a radio show dedicated to addressing the issues of relationships. Don’t miss this weekly radio show, every Sunday at 9.30PM CST.

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Connect: This radio ministry is sponsored by the generous contributions of The Riverbank Partners and Friends. It was designed with you in mind and if you have any questions, quotes, topics or comments, please email: relationshipmatters with your feedback, observations, questions and perhaps your question might be the next one answered or read on the air. Partnership with the Riverbank Ministries as well as with the Radio Ministry is a divine opportunity to advance the kingdom of God and the gospel of Christ to the utmost parts of the world. Become one today.

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In my sojourn till date, I have discovered that God is extremely interested in our relationships and this radio show is about amplifying the truth about "Relationship Matters".

Don’t forget until next time, be sure to tune in and listen to "Relationship Matters" at 9.30 PM CST (every Sunday) online or on your iPhone or Blackberry application.

God bless you,
Pastor Flo
Host, "Relationship Matters"