Friends, welcome!

If Wisdom is the most important ingredient in life, we have an obligation then, to make it our most important priority. Agree?

It’s Day 9 of the #WisdomChallenge and in my reading I observed something peculiar about Wisdom.
Nations, Communities, Cities, Families, Couples and Children listen up!

Wisdom builds, so the ‘physical’ evidence of wisdom is undeniable. Wisdom also prepares thoroughly and doesn’t rest on his/her oars. Never makes flippant assumptions, focuses on set, established goals and akin to a perfect host Wisdom leaves nothing outstanding. The choice food(s), drinks, decoration, decorum, ambiance, notification, invitation, reminders, experience and much more – all elegantly done. Wisdom doesn’t stop until those lacking are provided for, nurtured and mentored.

There is a clarion call I want to extend to you, will you please RSVP to this special invitation? From verse 5 (of chapter 9) it reads "Come, eat of the bread and drink the wine of Wisdom." Simple ? I don’t think so.

Why? Because if you’ve ever accepted any event invitation, you know the easiest part is the confirmation.
There is more to come – travel plans, gifts, the ‘dress’, browsing through magazines, brushing up on etiquette etc.
So Wisdom is waiting…what shall it be?