Short Story: “I Love You Still” – Ibukunolu Ogunsina (RDM Contributor)

“I love you, still”

As early as 7am on this Friday morning, the 12th of April, I heard a still voice on my way to the shower saying, “My Son, I love you, still”.

Looking around there was no one and it had been years since anyone called me “my son”. I lost my parents eons ago, so I wondered if I was

still dreaming, I brushed my teeth and rinsed it with Listerine to make sure there was no telltale sign of last night’s alcohol on my breath and I

planned ahead for the day’s activities, I looked around my rented apartment to confirm whether there was someone else in the room with

me, but I was indeed alone.

An hour later, I drove to work, having completely forgotten my earlier experience and with just one thing on my mind,Danielle…my beloved 9-

year old daughter. Today marks the beginning of the third weekend of the month, which signifies my time of visitation as determined by the

court. Pending the legal divorce proceedings, the Judge gave me “oneweekend a month” visitation rights.

Download the attached and enjoy a nice story that reminds us all on the important thing(s) in life.

Relationships Do Matter indeed!

I love you still.pdf