Silent Victims – My Abusive “Christian” Marriage #DomesticViolence

True story, real life lessons…take a seat and read on.

"More than words" is the appropriate phrase that comes to my mind on how to handle or continue to address the menace of #domesticviolence in our society today.

It is not enough to scream and react when celebrities are involved, although their stories help amplify the prevalence of the problem. Yet, I wonder and pray for the many thousands, actually millions who are silently suffering with no one to speak up on their behalf. Some trapped by the fear of rejection, annihilation, or loss of their livelihood. Shall we continue to hide behind culture, religion and race? Absolutely NOT!

It is important to note some of the forces at work in every conflict, and in particular domestic violence where one will easily find at least two issues at play – control and anger.

Any one (male or female) who lacks self and anger control is susceptible to violence as a means to regain their waning control. Such a character is worse than a city without gates according to the book of proverbs. Such a character will be an target to vices, harm and loss any day.

The story below is true, identities have been protected accordingly but this is very common and silence is not acceptable. Someone must speak up for the #SilentVictims.

My Abusive "Christian" Marriage

I couldn’t believe this was my reality. And I couldn’t see a way out.

"Did Daddy do that?" my daughter asked. Lying on the floor in the doorway of her room, I was stunned as I realized my daughter had just witnessed undeniable physical abuse. Tom’s* anger had escalated into unrestrained rage, and he’d thrown me into our daughter’s bedroom. Con-fused, I began to question my situation: Was I really experiencing domestic violence in my Christian home?

I’d denied the truth so long I was unable to recognize what was really happening. The abuse had started subtly and grown insidiously. My husband and I claimed to be Christians, so how could our marriage be abusive? Unable to give my four-year-old daughter any more excuses, I said, "Yes, Daddy did that." Then I locked us in her room and crawled in bed with her until she fell asleep. That night I resolved to stop the impact of domestic abuse in my daughter’s life—a difficult decision that finally pointed me in the direction of healing.

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