Single and Forty – Melanie Notkin

I really enjoyed this beautifully written piece on LOVE.
Some of the excerpts include:
"I’ve learned that love can feel different depending on the man and collective circumstance.

Sometimes love is easy, with not a beat missed.
Sometimes, love is a struggle, beating down on one, not the other. Sometimes love is like a bad massage; it feels good but you need something stronger, deeper.
Sometimes love is a torrent; it comes on strong, but often it ends in a trickle, without ceremony."

In addition, I loved the emphasis on how the sexes handle love, ladies don’t let the men fool you…we want LOVE as well.

This is so true…"I’ve learned that men want love too, but are sometimes unable to be vulnerable to it. I’ve learned that women want love too, but are made to feel vulnerable by it."

Hope I teased you in advance of the article, go on dive in >>>