Stop Worrying.

Don’t worry…

Yes, it
‘s natural to worry.

It’s so easy.
It’s like second nature and such an easy habit, bad habit to imbibe.

We worry about almost everything.
We worry about food.
We worry about drinks.
We worry about fashion.
We worry about tomorrow.
We worry about survival.
We worry about love.
We worry about marriage.
We worry about children.
We worry,
when we don’t worry.

We worry because of what we’ve seen, heard and have been
We worry and now is a great time to quit.

Here’s why – The dangers of worry.

Worry creates illusions and gives the impression one cares deeply yet it isn’t true.
Worry some say is being empathetic and doing the right thing.

I disagree.

Worry rubs one of the peace, mindfulness, focus required to appreciate the day’s gifts and smell the roses.

I have often heard, the more responsibilities the more the opportunities to worry, true but … The Lord commands us otherwise.

Do not worry! (Matt 6:31, 34)

Here are the reasons why you shouldn’t worry-

First of, ‘Worry Not’ is a command.

Secondly, ‘Worry’ is a scam.
A displacing force…
Replacing joy with sorrow.
Replacing peace with anxiety.
Replacing love with frustration.

Thirdly, worry doesn’t do mitigate or help a thing (it doesn’t add anything of value to you) verse 27

Fourthly, Worry is confidence in self rather than in God.

Fifth, worry is a sign of unbelief.

Your worries are proofs of your unbelief, consider that!
You have to break the habit of worrying, starting today.

Don’t worry, be hopeful, be happy and be grateful.

Source: #40Days – daily inspiration during lent.