Turning Around for Me

It’s Turning Around Me…Be encouraged.

Tears turning into Joy.
Faith and Patience for the journey.
Light in lieu  of darkness.
The Lord will perfect all that concerns you.
A change is coming.
God is turning it around for us.
Stand in Faith, Doubt Not!


Turning Point By Kelechi Okeahialam (Guest Contributor)

Kelechi Vera Okeahialam, is an HR professional, who loves God passionately, enjoys singing and expressing herself through creative writing, ballet and liturgical dance. She is passionate about inspiring people, especially young people and women to “find their voice”, and has found a deep satisfaction in mentoring and coaching women and young people. 

Turning Point

 Often times I came to you
In haste and in a flurry
Asking for this and for that
Harried and rapidly working out a plan B
Just in case You didn’t give me what I wanted
I would ask you impatiently
Tapping my feet and consulting my diary
Giving you ultimatums
As if you had nothing better to do
Than to satisfy my every whim
I never thought to ask
Why the Master of the Universe
Waited patiently
As I went through a tirade, a tantrum and a sulk respectively
I never questioned why he didn’t call me to order
And exercise his divine will over mine
Time and time again as I came to Him
With one cosmetic need or the other
He gently tried to woo me
Court me; turn my attention away from the toys
Which were really the only reasons I needed Him
He would watch me in church
Screaming in ecstasy as the preacher preached my kind of message
Full of razzmatazz and why I had a right to the finer things of life
Speaking christianese as if I really knew God
Quoting scripture in rapid succession
A fake at best and this is not a jest
One day I came into His Presence
Broken, torn and bleeding
Gone were my arrogance and tirades
As I wailed in His comforting arms
I lifted my face for the first time
To behold His Weeping face
And encountered a love that blew me away
His eyes were warm and tender, so full of love for me!
As He His hands gently wiped my tears away
I saw the God who had waited so long
For me to realise I was made for Him
And all of a sudden, everything I ever thought was necessary to life
Faded into oblivion
I beheld the lover of my soul and my fire within
I gasped in wonder, touching his scared face
I wept in joy, as He sang over me
Rivers of healing power washing over me
Renewing, re-validating, re- directing
I saw myself as He created me to be
Gloriously living for His Praise
I saw the pain and trials on the path He set before me
Yet I rejoiced over the majesty I saw after the pain
I knew then
That I would walk across hot coals for Him
If that would bring Him glory
Now and then and again,
I would come in a tantrum and sulk
Forgetting how far I’d come with Him
Immediately I’d hear Him call my name
That voice that shakes the foundations of the universe
The voice that causes the oceans to flee in awe
And everything would become clear again
As I run into the arms of He who loved me first and best

© Kelechi Okeahialam


It’s Friday, Thank God!
Count down fever ? Not Here!!!

By the way, do let me know what you think about my top 10 love quotes.
Freely share yours and who knows maybe it will make my list in 2013.

Without much ado, here is #4: “Don’t excite love, don’t stir it up,
until the time is ripe—and you’re ready.” SOS 3:5b MSG

Read the summary below to understand the context and appreciate the agony, passion, sacrifice, demand, feelings and intensity of a wife in love…

“Restless in bed and sleepless through the night, I longed for my lover.
I wanted him desperately. His absence was painful.
So I got up, went out and roved the city, hunting through streets and down alleys. I wanted my lover in the worst way!

I looked high and low, and didn’t find him. And then the night watchmen found me as they patrolled the darkened city. “Have you seen my dear lost love?” I asked. No sooner had I left them than I found him, found my dear lost love.
I threw my arms around him and held him tight, wouldn’t let him go until I had him home again, safe at home beside the fire. Oh, let me warn you, sisters in Jerusalem, by the gazelles, yes, by all the wild deer:  Don’t excite love, don’t stir it up, until the time is ripe—and you’re ready.”

Interesting right ? I guess so.


Love is in the air, each one of us has a unique responsibility to guard and protect love so that it doesn’t wane. Here is the next quote on my list of favorite love quotes. Remember a love dose a day, keeps fear, hate, sorrow away. Feel free to share yours too by the way. #love rules.

“Love never dies a natural death. It dies because we don’t know how to replenish it’s source. It dies of blindness and errors and betrayals. It dies of illness and wounds; it dies of weariness, of witherings, of tarnishings.” – Anais Nin