Turning Around for Me

It’s Turning Around Me…Be encouraged. Tears turning into Joy. Faith and Patience for the journey. Light in lieu  of darkness. The Lord will perfect all that concerns you. A change is coming. God is turning it around for us. Stand in Faith, Doubt Not!  


Faith and Feminism: Excerpt from ‘Talking Taboo’ examines sexual temptation.

It’s Thanksgiving Tuesday and here’s another thought provoking and insightful article from the Washington Post. This isn’t your typical, linear or easily resolved conversation or piece so if you are easily offended or disturbed by such stories stop reading now. Some, who struggle find no easy outlet because sometimes the public response seeks only to… Read More Faith and Feminism: Excerpt from ‘Talking Taboo’ examines sexual temptation.


Question: The Past

A reblog – When the Past is not Past, What do you do? QUESTION: I am in a relationship with a Christian girl who wants to put God first and seek His will in our relationship. However, she has a very promiscuous and abusive past, leaving her with a permanent STD. I feel like I should… Read More Question: The Past

Love Quotes


The second half on the journey of favorite top 10 love quotes has begun. To love is to see the invisible. To love is to capture the supernatural. To love is to venture into the realm of possibilities. Here is #5: “Whoso loves believes the impossible.” –Elizabeth Barrett Browning Indeed, love makes all impossibilities, possible.… Read More #5

Love Quotes


Love is in the air, each one of us has a unique responsibility to guard and protect love so that it doesn’t wane. Here is the next quote on my list of favorite love quotes. Remember a love dose a day, keeps fear, hate, sorrow away. Feel free to share yours too by the way. #love… Read More #8