Turning Point By Kelechi Okeahialam (Guest Contributor)

Kelechi Vera Okeahialam, is an HR professional, who loves God passionately, enjoys singing and expressing herself through creative writing, ballet and liturgical dance. She is passionate about inspiring people, especially young people and women to “find their voice”, and has found a deep satisfaction in mentoring and coaching women and young people.    Turning Point  Often… Read More Turning Point By Kelechi Okeahialam (Guest Contributor)

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Wish We’d Known: 15 Things No One Told Us About Having an Affair – iVillage

Folks, I stumbled upon this piece online and couldn’t help sharing. Please read and pass along. Remember Relationships Do Matter.PFlo 15 Things No One Told Us About Having an Affair It Probably Started Out Innocently. You won’t consider the ramifications until it’s too late. You will try to justify it. The excitement will fuel you.… Read More Wish We’d Known: 15 Things No One Told Us About Having an Affair – iVillage


Negative Gain

Negative Gain Time is running out. Year after year, the young are getting old and the old are getting older – day by day, a minute at a time! But part of growing old is asking questions that peel back the layers of reason and logic. In today’s fast-paced world of tight and gruesome schedules,… Read More Negative Gain

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“An Open Letter”

Dear “S”, It’s starting to feel like Spring. I hope and trust this meets you well. This is a follow up to our conversation about your journey, yep that ‘relationship’ journey filled with its numerous challenges and fun. LOL! I understand the expectations, the dos and don’ts’. Does it get easier, you ask? Well, I know how… Read More “An Open Letter”


New Book: “Relationships-do-Matter” Coming Soon!

Relationships happen! Sometimes, they happen naturally and in some cases spontaneously, but making them LAST takes effort, insight and wisdom. In my book, “Relationships do Matter”, the tools necessary to sustain relationships are introduced in a deliberate attempt to extend the ongoing conversations on Relationships. This is a must have, must read book because: Relationships… Read More New Book: “Relationships-do-Matter” Coming Soon!