Maybe ?

“Maybe God put a few bad people in your life, so when the right one came along you’d be thankful.” -Andrew Riefer

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This month – Your expectations will not be disappointed. Your hopes will not be destroyed. Your past will not overwhelm or destroy your present and future. You will be bigger, wiser, bolder, richer and stronger as you continue to BUILD, DEVELOP, LEARN, DISCOVER life changing and relationships maximizing insights and revelation. The key is ACTING… Read More November…


We remember (9/11)

We remember 9/11. We remember tragedies, war, violence, disaster, wickedness. We remember loss, pain, calamity, suffering, tears, separation and much more. Today, we remember the victims and heroes of 9/11. We remember the loved ones and communities of those who died and their loved ones. We also remember the sacrifices that countless Americans make today… Read More We remember (9/11)