THE FLEECE – A true story by Sinmisola Ogúnyinka (RDM Contributor)

There were three of them in the caucus and about seven or so all together – tall, handsome, engineering students, on heat for God, Fred, Gray and Ed. They were already the toast of the fellowship when I met them, and later became members of the fellowship executives – the almighty 35.

And there came I, not so hot for God on the surface, tall and awkward, and not very pretty, at a time when a ‘hot’ sister in the fellowship, Stacy, was going round telling people she had ‘received’ one of the three, Fred, the quiet, tall, dark, slim one, who I had worked with in the ushering unit and fallen in love with, and to me, the most handsome of them all. That very Fred, who in the quiet of my room, God told me would one day be my husband. People celebrated with Stacy, a hot sister (when I say hot, I mean fervent for God.) She matched Fred perfectly.

They would make an awesome couple.

Out of pure intimidation, I withdrew from the pressures within me, thinking and wondering if God had spoken or the devil. Wondering how I could be so sure, and so unsure.

Ed was a good, platonic friend. He was the fair-skinned, tall, handsome, and bubbly one of the three. The only one in the caucus who made me feel ‘not too bad.’ Somehow, word had gotten round that me, foolish me, had ‘received’ for Fred too, contending with Stacy, his ‘perfect’ match. I was the enemy of more than half of the group, and the fellowship – people who thought I had come to steal their precious Fred.

As fellowship rounded up one Sunday evening, Ed greeted me, and asked how I was, and if I would visit them over the following weekend. I hated to visit them. Aside the fact that my mother taught me girls should not visit boys, it would become news again like I was trying harder to seduce Fred. Things just weren’t easy for me in those days.

“I’m sorry. It’s my Dad’s birthday on Friday, and I’ll like to travel home to visit him,” I said apologetically, unable to run fast away from him, before someone caught us together and think I was now after this one since I couldn’t get the other one. Things were that bad for me. I couldn’t walk tall among brethren anymore.

“Oh really? Make sure you bring cake for me,” Ed said with a smile. I smiled and slipped away.

My dad’s birthday was the following Friday.

I had a hectic day with lectures and got home late at night. My sister had baked a big plain cake and a small chocolate cake. We had a nice time, and I cut a healthy portion of plain cake, and a small portion of chocolate cake – well, rationally according to the available sizes – for Ed. Of course, I had all of them in mind that they’d all share. It’s what I would do. If one of my friends come with two types of cakes, I’d like to have a bite off both.

When I delivered the cake to Ed, he exclaimed his thanks, and there ended the cake issue.

Or so I thought.

About five months later, exactly almost to the day, quiet, tall, dark, handsome, civil engineering student Fred proposed to me. He was so convinced I was ‘the one.’ I suddenly became unsure. Yes, of course, God had told me he would be my husband. I was sure. But so much had happened.

Five months ago, when I gave his friend cake from my dad’s birthday, few knew I was in contention with Stacy. But now, almost everyone knew. The pressure had mounted so much, I was virtually hiding from brethren. I could very nearly be stoned in public, because Fred refused to propose to Stacy, and had even begun to boldly tell people, she wasn’t the one.

Out of all that pressure, he came to me.

And one of the reasons he was so convinced was ‘the chocolate cake.’

And here is his story.

The pressure of who his future wife would be got to him, and he decided to pray. And when Ed came to the room saying he told me to bring cake from my dad’s birthday, Fred prayed to God and set a fleece. That I should bring chocolate cake specially for him from the birthday.

Now here was the joker.

When Ed got the cake, he rationalized within him that I must have cut that special cake for Fred and the plain one for the rest of them. So he gave Fred the chocolate cake, saying it was specially from me.

That settled the matter.

I married Fred fifteen years ago. We courted for over four years before then, and God has remained faithful ever since.

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    nice…very nice.

  • fleece? hmmmm. that area is spiritually cloudy but am glad it worked for you. you should have included Fred’s picture anyhow. we really want to see him.

    • RDM

      Funny! By cloudy what do you mean?