The Musings of a Senior Lady…IBK Ogunshina (RDM Contributor)

Hey, read this…quietly. Shake off the label and don a gown filled with hope.
Do not give up, delay is not denial. This fictional story will speak hope and life to someone…I know it.
Do have a great day.

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The Musings of a Senior Lady…

Since my Mother arrived yesterday from the village, I have had no peace. As usual she has been sneaking into my study looking for telltale signs or photographs of potential suitors and she has gone through all the drawers in my room, pretending to be helping me clean them out.

As I begin to gather clothes for the laundry on this beautiful Spring Saturday morning, Mammi, as I fondly call her, launch into her barrage of questions…

So where is Ben? Hmmm, what about Ade – the Lawyer, he seemed such a good boy…oh, what about Samuel…the Architect…I thought you guys were heading for the altar…Hmm what happened to your romantic date with that Oyinbo guy from your office? My mother goes on and on asking me about my past relationships. I wonder at her age, how she manages to remember their names? Questions like these were so commonly asked by my mother over the years. At times I got tired of answering and most of the times I simply nodded. At times I pretended I was listening, nodding whilst actually daydreaming about my next holiday.

I have grown immune to people asking me questions about my relationships, as though they had every right to know what goes on in my mind and heart. I suppose it is not their fault. I happen to be a 48-year-old lady that has been in and out of relationships, but simply has not found the right man to place that ring on my finger. I have tried. I have slept with some, cooked for some, washed some men’s clothes but simply have not found the right one.

I used to worship my body, my beautiful face and I placed so much importance on my appearance never shopped at all the “so-called shops”, was a high society girl with expensive taste, naturally endowed, with surplus, in all the right places. Stella, my friend, used to envy my complexion and I used to flaunt my backside for all to see….hmmmm…that was then.

But unbeknownst to my mother, I had given my life to God two months before her arrival and had since realized that there was more to life than searching with all my human power for a future husband. I learnt that all I needed to do was simply trust God.

I have regretted cheapening my body, which is a sanctuary of God, I have cried over the loss of my virginity to men that were not worthy of it, I have thanked God that along the way, I have not incurred a deadly disease and I count myself lucky. No, blessed to have been given another chance….to start my life all over again…fresh, newly created, washed in His blood and simply content.

Apostle Paul’s words confirmed to me that my present state…in my being single…I choose to celebrate God and when the time comes for me to be married, if that is my destiny, I will continue to serve Him.

If you are in my shoes, please, hand it over to Him – the Alpha & Omega – the One that knows all and can do all. I never had time for God, but He has always held me close to His heart. In so many ways I had betrayed His love, so many times I had thrown His love back at Him. I remembered now how, when Samuel used to pummel me with his fists, I stayed with, him all because I thought he would eventually propose, but of course he never did. Also the time I almost had an accident on my way to spend a night at Ade’s house. I had thought that if I gave him my body he would make me his wife, but that never happened. The worst was when I read in the newspaper two weeks later that Ade was getting married – a society wedding! I have been used by all these men, but God never gave up on me.

So, hold on. There may be pressure from peers and even your parents can cause you stress and co-workers may not include you, simply because you are not yet married. The strange thing is that when you eventually join a church, there may even be gossipmongers…just hold on to God and His promises concerning you.

God will come through for you. He is busy working in my life and I know my Prince is around the corner….

Expect a mail of victory from me soon.
Much Love,

About The Author

Ibukunolu Ogunsina, a new voice in Christian fiction, is a prolific writer. She currently resides in Canada with her husband and they are both blessed with children.
You can contact her at Follow her on twitter @JoyfulMarriage

  • Yemisi Oni

    Interesting read. Keep this up Ibukun. Proud of u.

  • Ayoola Jeje Adelodun

    Thanks for d teaching, God bless ma.

  • lade

    a wonderful mom, wife, daughter and friend…proud of you sis…

  • Thanks a lot everyone… Much love.