THE STRANGER by Sinmisola Ogúnyinka (c)2013

Sinmisola Ogúnyinka is the wife of the head pastor of Hermon City Church in Calabar and Abuja, and mother of four beautiful children. An author, economist, a member of the Jerry B. Jenkins Christian Writers’ Guild and the host of the contemporary Bible-based TV talkshow, “Issues of Life.”Some of the books written by Sinmi include SCENT OF WATER, FRAIL FLESH, and PEPPER. She resides with her family in Abuja, Nigeria.

THE STRANGER by Sinmisola Ogúnyinka ©2013

The stranger was supposed to be exposed out of his hiding place but each time the scripture came across Ada, she cringed. She harboured her stranger and protected everything that concerned him. A stranger who had a name, a handsome face, a fat pocket, and a great personality. A stranger called Chijoke. He was one stranger she made special effort to keep in hiding.

She had met Chijoke at a very unlikely place, the child dedication of her friends, Ngozi and Ebere’s, baby. As one of the hostesses at the after-church party, Ada walked up and down, attending to guests. Though she noticed him in church because of her role as an usher, there was more to the attention she gave him. He was a sight to catch. He was tall, fair-skinned and dark-haired. And extremely handsome.

He sat at a table with some of Ebere’s colleagues from the office. There was a lot of booze on their table and Chijoke lit a cigarette after the meal, but Ada couldn’t see beyond the flashy ‘Bobo.’ These ‘unbelievers’ just had a way of looking so good.

Somehow, she got herself introduced, and somehow, one thing led to the other. She was in ‘love’ with ‘the forbidden fruit.’ To make matters worse, he showered her with ‘love’ and attention as well.

Initially, she fooled herself with the notion that she was in his life to change him but after preaching to him once, and receiving a rebuff, she dropped the idea. Then she tried to exonerate herself by believing that her lifestyle and ‘quiet and godly conversation’ would make a difference. When this failed, she dropped the whole idea and threw herself into loving him and making it work. And it did work as long as she continued to compromise.

He made it clear to her that he was not the church type, though he feared God. He didn’t want to be pressurized into serving God like a ‘fanatic.’ He also requested she allow him continue with his drinking and smoking – they were a complete part of his adult life he was not willing to relinquish. In exchange, he promised not to hinder her from serving God the way she wanted. They had a truce.

Apart from the compromises, they ‘loved’ each other, if loving sin was love! Chijoke pampered her with gifts and expressed his kind of love for her.

The attention was great.

The gifts were enormous.

And the sex was invariable!


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