There are no perfect days

There are no perfect days, perfect people or perfect situations.

There are good days and then there are bad days. Or if you prefer, there will be such days. So don’t think you are alone, life in its diverse format happens to all of us.

However, what typically happens is that we over estimate what we don’t have underestimate what we have but if only we "consistently" reverse that scenario…

So today, you might be alone and frustrated…it’s been too long you say. Actually, you might even regret all the "stance and decisions" you made in your earlier days. Don’t look back, It is not in vain.

Or you might be with someone and they don’t get it or you. Or perhaps worse they do but only intermittently…remember, it is well. It will be Well.

This story of a dead son and a mother’s response is a great encouragement to me and hope to you as well. Feel free to share with others, comment or ask questions.

It is Well!

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