“To Love A Child” – Poem By Kelechi Okeahialam (KC)


To Love A Child

Haunting eyes.. Sunken sockets… A frail body holding on tenaciously, hopefully, to life.

She stares at me, through the crack of the door.
“Could this be the day?”, her eyes seemed to say.. A mummy to take her home and love her for her own?

I tear my eyes away
From the riveting hope filled eyes
I’m only here to give my alms,
I cannot afford to let my treacherous heart wander, to be captured by those chocolate dark eyes.

Fleeing from the House of dreams,
Of little girls and little boys
Holding on to hope and faith
“Could this be the day?” they seem to ask.. ” A Mummy and Daddy to love and keep?”

Days fade into weeks, weeks roll into months.
Yet I am in prison
Incancerated by dark haunting eyes, set in a sweet, heart shaped face.
” Come for me”, they speak in my dreams…
” I am yours to love and nurture, I’m yours to cuddle and raise”.
Decisions, files, interviews.
Oh what red tape to cut to simply love a child!

As I sweetly kiss her goodnight,
Dark , haunting eyes turn to warm, liquid eyes of love
” Goodnight Mummy.. I love you”, she whispers
The sweetness of her voice sets my heart on fire
The need to protect my child and keep her from harm wells up rather fiercely within me

Love burns bightly within me, a love only a mother would know..
“sleep tight my darling… Mummy loves you more…”

– Kelechi Okeahialam
I wrote this poem while thinking of adoption and those who have the courage to adopt. What an honour to be like God! Why? We also have been adopted by God because Jesus had the courage to love us. It is such a privilege to nurture and raise one whom life has given no chance to survive. Lord, that I will also have this privilege.. Would be such an honour!
Thinking of adoption? Just do it!