Valentine’s Day is Overrated; YES, If…By pFlo

Valentine’s Day – Overrated ?
Can Love be Overrated ?
Is Valentine, Love or Lust?
This day presents a lot of questions for many and has become a debate of sorts; is Valentine’s Day a wise investment, should one even bother celebrating Valentine’s Day? Isn’t this just another ‘overrated’ day for many including flower, chocolates, cards and other industries to fleece the ‘unsuspecting’ many. I however think it is an opportunity for some and an excuse for others.

Beyond Controversy: My intention here is not to debate or recommend what people should do on Valentine’s day. I do know that this day provides a perfect opportunity to show love without any reservation.

History: The history books are filled with numerous stories about the origin of Valentine’s Day. Coincidentally, Valentine’s day is named in honor of an early Christian martyr, a holiday that was established in 496 AD and became associated with romantic love in the Middle Ages. (Additional information about the origin including it’s pagan background can be reviewed further in detail online). By the 15th century, it had evolved into an occasion in which lovers expressed their love for each other by presenting flowers, sweets, and greeting cards. Today, everyone including school children are involved in the heavily ‘commercialized’ holiday.

LOVE is not ‘OVERRATED’… because we know Love never fails, cannot fail.
Love sustains, does not force itself, doesn’t keep score, it revolutionizes, nurtures, it doesn’t misbehave, it doesn’t disappoint, does not provoke, does not irritate, and isn’t always ‘me first.’ It says the truth always, does not lie, endures long. (Culled from 1 Cor 13).

So is it possible for one day -Valentine’s Day to be over-rated? And by Over rated; I mean not as good as most people say it is, because it is “rated” higher than it deserves. The last time I polled the RDM (Relationships Do Matter) audience, as you can probably imagine, the answers were intense, immediate, articulate and clear.

Here you go – FOR (In Favor)

  • If it is wrong to celebrate Val’s day, we might as well just cancel birthdays etc. There’s absolutely nothing wrong in setting aside a day to celebrate love.”
  • Another stated, it is a day designed to remind everyone about their loved ones. A day of romance and spreading love.
  • Here’s another, “It’s all good as long as someone doesn’t go overboard and make me look bad!”
  • Unfortunately, someone stated people need this day as a reminder to appreciate their spouses/significant other.


  • It makes the Singles sad and couples competitive with other couples.
  • It’s too commercialized and heavily based on whether one gets a gift or not.
  • Yet another stated that the the gift exchange has outranked the essence of what’s supposedly being celebrated when it comes to Valentine’s Day.
  • While someone said, I want gifts everyday or every other day especially when I am not expecting it.
  • Another comment was poignant, a ‘forced’ day to celebrate anyone on a specific day is borderline abuse.
  • If you need valentine in order to be reminded of what is and should be important, then you’ve got it twisted.
  • Someone said Valentine day’s is not even scriptural so we should even be talking about it.

Interesting points presented by both sides, this is my opinion though, if you had a wonderful valentine’s day and the following scenarios are true afterwards, then it is overrated.

  1. If your relationship is back ‘normal’, by normal we mean absolute disregard for each other then valentine’s day is overrated.
  2. If the abuse, disappointment, shouting, shoving, pushing has returned then it is overrated.
  3. If married couples no longer see eye to eye and discuss issues respectfully with decorum, then it is overrated.
  4. If the loving support and intent to make the other individual better is long gone, then Valentine’s day and it’s associated hullabaloo is overrated.

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