What Men & Women Need (Must Read)

Married Guy, listen up- these are your queen’s critical needs, the 4 T’s (that women need):

#1: Make Time (give her your full attention)

#2: Talk (when you speak (privately and publicly) express admiration and your approval)

#3: Tenderness (make her wellbeing critical- address whatever nurtures her soul)

#4: Touch time (back rub, hand holding, hugs, etc.)


Married Lady, whatever you do, don’t forget these critical needs for your Knight in Shining Armor. Here are the 4 C’s (that men need):

#1: Be his – Cheerleader (support him, embrace his dreams, clap for him)

#2: Be his – Champion (fight for & defend him)

#3: Be his – Companion (support him, if you have to be honest be nice.)

#4: Compliment him. (Make the home a safe place.


Culled from Love, Sex & Marriage by David Jeremiah