Whitney took America to Church…(Feb 18th, 2012)

America went to Church.

America went to Church on Saturday, when Whitney’s mother decided to hold a burial/farewell ceremony in Church, what transpired afterwards is nothing short of remarkable. There are other numerous lessons and angles to every story especially those involving celebrities, but here is my ‘extremely subjective’ observation of the events on Saturday, February 18th, 2012.

These comments were not lost on me…

  1. Tyler Perry‘s emphasis on Grace. I can relate because the prodigals understand their second chances are due to the G.R.A.C.E of God. (God’s Riches At Christ‘s Expense).
  2. Death is not the final answer. According to Bishop Jakes, Death isn’t permanent…it’s a route! Death has no more sting.
  3. Kevin Costner‘s story about his background in a Baptist church was enlightening. ‎”Tongues” he mentioned at some point during his speech and that made me smile. The gospel preached…anyway, anyhow God be praised!
  4. Times Square was in on the action too, click here remember the injunction that the gospel must be preached to the nooks and crannies of the world? Thanks to CNN, a generation that had never attended a church service saw one from the comfort of their homes. PS: People get ready…Jesus is coming back very soon.
  5. A language you don’t understand is normal in church…Rev Marvin Winans (paraphrased) and when he preached on PRIORITIZING, a message on seeking God’s Kingdom first, I found it touching and pertinent to all of us in this Nation. It’s time we get back to God indeed and sincerely. We must not think for a moment that being a Christian (a believer in Christ) is irrelevant! Abundant life is in Christ.

Whitney’s passing, highlighted something many of us underestimate, the importance of HOME.

  • She had a ‘HOME’, where she began, learnt about God, a place where she discovered her gift and started using her gift.
  • She knew her ‘HOME’, not the structure but the faces and the people who fondly referred to her as Nippy and openly expressed their grief and pain.
  • She remembered her ‘HOME’, she didn’t forget her roots despite her meteoric rise to fame.
  • She love her ‘HOME’.


Let me remind you please –

  • Don’t forget your ‘HOME’.
  • Don’t forget the ‘little things’ while you pursue the ‘big’ things.
  • Don’t forget tomorrow is not guaranteed, make sure you invest today wisely.
  • Don’t forget that G.R.A.C.E is so readily available for all. Contact me for more details, EMAIL ME

Now let the church say Amen…



  • Claire

    Love it! Was shown here on Sky news as well – we all (UK) went to Church too!!