World Cup Rules for all women.

Funny, Very Funny Letter!!!
It’s a joke, Enjoy.

All Women- Wives, Girlfriends, Fiancées etc

Dear Sweethearts,

The FIFA World Cup is close by, so here are a few ground/house rules/advices that will help you during the months of June and July:

1. The remote control belongs to the man for the whole duration of the world cup games.

2. Tell all your friends not to give birth or wed on any of the days during the World Cup because we won’t go!Period!

3. You support the teams that your man supports.

4. No talking during the game, wait for half-time or end of the game.

5. Repeats and highlights are as good as the main match, so we’re gonna watch them too.

6. We can see movies/home videos provided actors and actresses are wearing soccer jerseys and they are in Brazil.

7. You don’t just walk in front of the TV during any match or replays, better to freeze where you are or crawl on the floor.

8. Make sure you don’t ask silly questions such as; "is this Chelsea vs England, or is this Spain vs Arsenal?".

9. No funny faces to his friends when they come over to watch a match with him.

10. Smile every time EXCEPT when your man’s team is losing, OR ELSE! You are have been Warned!

Jointly signed by:
All Loving Husbands, boyfriends, Fiancés etc

Source: Unknown but Acknowledged!
Photo Credit: @FelipeDana